A quick interlude on our will. Will, as short words go has a host nuances. Take this short sentence: I have a (the) will to go for a walk … OK it is a bit stilted, but its meaning is clear. The word will could be replaced by any of these words: ambitionanimusaspirationclamoringcravingdesire dreamdrivefancyhankeringhopelonging mindneedobjectivepiningpurposethought … Continue reading Will


I wanted to call this blog voices in the machine. This blog is inspired by a conversation I overheard; my wife was on Zoom, discussing posting videos for her weaving guild. I was wondering whether she would have a transcript of her proposed Zoom meeting, as I find it a lot easier to read than … Continue reading Voices

Religion Revisited

Quite often it is speculated by some believers and non-believers alike, that atheists are missing something. Well I suppose, the veracity of this depends on the perspective of the individual atheist. This post is inspired in part by Alain de Botton's Religion for Atheists that catalogues some of the things that de Botton thinks that … Continue reading Religion Revisited