Chemical Spirituality

I started reading How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan. I have not got very far into the book, but it is about using entheogens (psychoactive drugs) in some way to activate one's spiritual mind. I quickly skimmed through the book and it did not have a single chemical structure in it. And being … Continue reading Chemical Spirituality



Agnosticism Very Short Introduction - Robin Le Poidevin While in the UK, I was looking for the VSI* book on consciousness, as the assistant was looking at the rack for the book, Madeleine pointed out this book on agnosticism. This is the fourth book I have read about agnosticism presumably by agnostics, they were: In … Continue reading Manifesto


This blog is a rebuttal of some arguments found in Marvin Edwards' essay on free will. For full disclosure, I am monistically inclined. And I cannot do otherwise but find remnants of dualism in Marvin Edwards' essay. While dualism can be useful to model this universe, it is fundamentally wrong, at least in my opinion. … Continue reading Deception