My wife spends a little bit of time with Ann almost on a weekly basis when the universe allows. Ann is sort of a guru, that provides insights into the way the universe is unfolding, and perhaps how to respond to that unfolding. This afternoon I asked my wife what they spoke about in this … Continue reading Love


The Jesus Sayings

A while back I read this book, The Jesus Sayings by Rex Weyler. Weyler uses his journalistic talents to look through a whole host of documentation including Josephus’s stories, Paul’s letters, the Gospels of Thomas and Mary, and Q collections, some 200 documents in all. Rex Weyler I don't have any dog in the fight … Continue reading The Jesus Sayings


When discussing free will, people quite often refer to it as an emergent property. Emergence is described by Wikipedia as an entity having properties its parts do not have, due to interactions among the parts. This is fair enough. Sure, humans behave differently to molecules that make up the body; but so what? The assembled … Continue reading Emergence