I am going to tackle a difficult problem here. I am not an expert here, not even an expert on my own experience of consciousness. Quite often it is described as The Hard Problem. Some pundits don’t see it as a problem at all. Problem or not, all is not well in the house of … Continue reading Consciousness



One of the first pieces I ever wrote on the web was about agnosticism. Before James died there was little spare time for writing nevermind spare time for thought. I had recently opened a personal web page. I decided to put some time into it. Agnosticism was my chosen subject. When I put finger to … Continue reading Agnosticism


This blog is a rebuttal of some arguments found in Marvin Edwards' essay on free will. For full disclosure, I am monistically inclined. And I cannot do otherwise but find remnants of dualism in Marvin Edwards' essay. While dualism can be useful to model this universe, it is fundamentally wrong, at least in my opinion. … Continue reading Deception